Growing up I was always encouraged to be creative. My mother and my aunt sewed children’s clothing to put my cousins, and my brother and I through catholic school. Both houses were filled with the sound of sewing machines and ideas. I come from a very entrepreneurial home, my father has been self employed since he was 19 years old.

Over the years many different creative mediums have faded in and out. My first medium was of course sewing. Then as I got older I found I was more comfortable with a camera in my hand. The camera led me to Iowa where I went to Morningside College where I would eventually meet my husband. Before all that I started getting more into Graphic Design than the Photography. Unable to choose I went with both. I graduated from Morningside in 2008 with a major in both Photography and Graphic Design.

We had our daughter Sonya Rose in March 2009 and shortly moved by to my hometown to raise her. It is here that I found my way back sitting in front of a sewing machine. At first it was a need, Sonya had a sensitive butt so we switched to cloth diapers, which I began to sew myself. Then all the sudden I found myself making dresses, quilts and other cute stuff. Then I was hoarding fabric : ), and checking up on the newest designer fabric releases. I got compliments on all the clothes I had sewn for our daughter and I liked doing it.

So, I decided to open up shop. I have a stash of fabric and I intend to use it! To make cute clothing, quilts, and other cute things for your children too!

Above is where the “magic” happens! Yup, there she is, and yes I believe she might me older than me too! : ) But it just goes to show you that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to make a good product. Not shown, my (our, my mom’s…) serger, which I am honored to be able to borrow. (that is the one we weren’t supposed to fool with when we were kids… lol) And that is our living room, hopefully one day we can make me room!