First up, sewing curtains our living room. The hubby has been on me for almost a year (maybe more) about our curtains. Currently we have those plastic shades up, but with a toddler and cats they look awful!

Our house is in town so blinds/curtains/shades are a necessity. We both grew up in the country, so we aren’t used to ppl waking by our windows. Even after two years I am still not used to it, and it often startles me! : )

Below is what I plan on making the curtains from. I bought it maybe back in Marchish?!

After I finish those I plan on making a curtain for the kitchen.

Below is the fabric I plan to use. I bought it on etsy from an international seller. So, it will be awhile before that projects gets done.

I was thinking I would do a 20″ inch high curtain since it is a panel print, it is the kitchen so a half curtain I think would look cute.

And then I a got a killer steal, or so I thought till I checked the price again! I got some Just Wing It by Momo for Moda fabric, in two colorways. I am going to make new cushions for a chair I got from my grandma and then a bean bag chair for our basement.  I got the fabric for about $4.25/yd, now it is selling for $3.32! Snatch some up, for twill or any nice fabric that is an awesome price!