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One of my favorite fabric designers, Heather Ross has teamed up with Kelly DiPucchio on a book called Crafty Chloe.

When I found out about this book I quickly went over to Amazon.com to check it out. The preview was just too cute, both me and my husband knew we had to get it for our daughter for her birthday. Even at almost three years old she is a lot like Chloe. Glue, glitter, crayons, construction paper and tape and she is happy!

Heather Ross said on her own blog “Chloe even has her own (affordable) fabric line coming out. Its all about safety scissors and sock monkeys and pony rides. Its pretty adorable. And the best news? Its on quilting cotton. I can’t say more than that yet, but I’ll be going on and on about it soon. She’s also been begging for her own Crafts Blog for kids, and it looks like Simon and Schuster (her grandparents, if you will) are going to give it to her.”

She will be on Martha Stewart on the Hallmark channel today, we don’t get it, we cut the cord but I am sure it will be great… quick someone record it and put it on youtube for me!

I can not wait for the Crafty Chloe fabric to make a cute quilt out of it for our daughter!

And I just got a confirmation text from Amazon… the book is on its way! : )